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Online WebGL 3D Games

In the past “native” apps games have always provided greater gameplay graphics and speed for Android, OS (iphone, ipads, maxs) Windows computers and phones in comparison to web games. That, because they were able to access the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) of the phone and computer which was not possible for online games.

However that all changed with the entry of web GL into the scene. Through Web GL browser games are now able to access the GPU on mobile smartphones and computers. GPU is a part of the hardware of the device and this offers faster rendering of 2D and 3D graphics that are part of the webpage canvas. Faster than if the rendering was done through the software of the device

With the introduction of this new technology into gaming development game-makers are allele to create graphically beautiful 2D and 3D games for playing on browsers without the use of plugins. Almost all modern browsers and devices run Web GL nowadays so you can enjoy high-end gaming on your smartphones or computer online without any downloads.

WebGL 1.0 was first released in March 2011. In Jan 2017 a more stable improved version WebGL 2.0 was released.

Desktop Browser:-
Web GL 1.0 ruins on almost all platforms of chrome refox etc. Web GL2.O is supported on chorne 56+, Firefox 51+, Safari (unknown), Opera 43+.

Mobile browsers:-
WebGL1.0 - Safari iOS 8+, Edge or Windows 10+, Opera Mobile 12 +, Chrome 30+, Firefox 4.